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What are universities and companies looking for in their future leaders? Global appreciation, 21st-century collaborative skills,  and online competency – these are the answers most commonly heard in today’s increasingly interconnected world. Then imagine a situation where you could gain all of these valuable qualities while also developing your own personal, intellectual, emotional, and social approaches while immersed in the wonder of a dynamic, breathtakingly beautiful new country. Sound like the best of all worlds?

Ceiba is a comprehensive experiential learning program for High School/Secondary youth and an internship placement program for university students that focuses in on these important characteristics in a way that engages the whole person in conscientious action and critical and creative thinking. In addition to weekend cultural excursions around Antigua and Guatemala and ample time spent soaking in the wonder of Antigua itself, your program will consist of your chosen service project, Spanish language development, and intellectual rigor. As a nonprofit organization, we believe that the value is in the tremendous developmental opportunities for all students and our focus is always on the absolute quality of your experience.

Ceiba is proud to offer exciting, deeply reflective experiential opportunities with our High School program for students in grades 9 through 12 and also our internship placements for those looking for a collaborative experience in community service and leadership skills. Check out the specifics under the Ceiba Difference tab. Whichever is best suited to your situation, your program is surely an unforgettable experience in…

Service Projects (High School)
We’ve partnered with the best local nonprofits to provide the community service project component of your program. For three days each week, you work with your chosen project, usually for about five hours per day. Weekly reflection exercises are facilitated by our Education Mentors and they help integrate the work you are doing in your service project with your curriculum from home. This way, what you are learning on the ground in Guatemala supports your courses from home and vice-versa – a continuous learning cycle that takes in the social, environmental, and academic development of a truly complete education. We work with your school so that, where possible, you receive credit for the important service work you are doing in Guatemala.

Ceiba offers real hands-on internship experiences with small, local nonprofit and social-impact organizations.  Very much a cultural, language, and professional immersion, Ceiba internships offer a unique opportunity to collaborate closely with program management and be part of the daily directions that such a dynamic organization can take. Check out the Internships page for more information.

Global Citizenship
Scott Garrison, Ceiba’s Guatemala-based Director of Education, leads a weekly Global Citizenship course that explores the ways in which we are all interconnected and interdependent – how what we are doing here in Guatemala is applicable to so many situations around the world. The final project of the Global Citizenship class is a portfolio of your learning, which is a unique display of your experience as a whole to share with family, university admissions, and future employers. We work with your school so that, where possible, you receive credit for this course.

Spanish Language Instruction
Everyone attends small, group Spanish classes tailored to your language level. For the High School programs, structured classes that focus on mechanics like grammar, reading, and writing meet three times per week. With Gap+, you are enrolled in a local Spanish school. In addition to a very real language immersion at your community project sites, you have the chance to increase your fluency with our trained instructors and also through coordinated conversation sessions with a variety of local Antigueños. We work with your school so that you receive academic credit for your Spanish development as part of the Ceiba program.

Online Learning (High School)
Laptop computers are provided by Ceiba so that you stay on-track to graduate with your home-school classmates with online coursework that satisfy  your course requirements. We are very happy to work with your school’s existing online platform or Ceiba has partnered with Blended Schools to provide a complete curriculum that can be tailored by teachers to meet individual credit needs. Check out the Online Learning page for more information.

There are two dedicated academic days per week and courses often take the form of self-study, although tutors are provided as  needed.

Summer Cycles (High School)
Community service and international adventure – five weeks that immerse you in the beauty, questions, and joy of Guatemalan life and culture. Like the longer-term high school program, you select the community service project that most interests you and you then work with that project for the length of your five week program. When not with your project, though, Guatemala awaits! Travels that include volcanoes, Mayan history, treks through stunning natural wonders, workshops with local artisans, and cosmopolitan outings in Antigua provide a fantastic exploration of Guatemala while igniting the curiosity of a real global citizen. Learn more on the High School Summer Cycles page.

Ceiba is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and proud sponsor of Northwest Association of Independent Schools

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