Mission + Goals


As an organization, we believe deeply that education is the surest way to a just and fair society. If people can access information and share that information with others, from best farming practices and basic hygiene to complex math equations and political science topics, communities can thrive and continue on in a cycle of reinforced knowledge. With that knowledge also comes a responsibility to the community – that knowledge be applied constructively so that those around us can gain the skills and apply the content of their learning to better their own situations.

Understanding this, Ceiba’s mission is:

Developing global citizenship and broadening perspectives through impactful service learning and meaningful cross-cultural interactions.

At the heart of Ceiba is a firm commitment to rigorous intellectual and holistic personal growth, supported and encouraged by a comprehensive mix of reflective practice, focused academic activities, and long-term field experiences. So that participating students may arrive at the stated mission, Ceiba will engage in a number of organizational activities, like orientations and a ‘buddy program’ with local teens from the international school, to involve students before, during, and after their Ceiba experience.

Ceiba’s Student-Centered Goals are:

1. To develop the awareness of and respect for the diversity of community, and one’s sense of responsibility as a member of this community, through critical examination of global citizenship.
2. To broaden perspectives and critically examine the interaction of differing points of view
3. To provide impactful service learning experiences
4. To create meaningful cross-cultural interactions