Antigua + Guatemala


La Antigua Guatemala, the Ancient Guatemala, was the country’s capital before Guatemala City. It is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is proud of its traditions of rich indigenous and colonial customs.

Scott’s own personal arrival in Antigua happened completely by chance. After a year spent in Honduras, he was thinking of moving to Peru just because it seemed like a great place to go. Unexpectedly, Scott was offered a job coordinating volunteers at an organization in a small village outside of Antigua. On the very first morning, upon opening the front door of the pastel-red house he was staying in, Scott squinted a bright blue sky across to the beautiful ruined cathedral with the park and a drum circle of fifteen kids going at it with a trumpeter and trombonist in accompaniment. As he took in this scene, a horse trotted past on the cobblestone street with a buggy following. Turning left, the immense Volcan Agua greeted him. And so he wandered through Antigua and, two years later, the magic of those first moments is alive as ever.

Here we have provided links to information about Antigua and Guatemala. Antigua is a safe, metropolitan town of 30,000 residents, both indigenous and Spanish colonial. The stunning physical beauty of Antigua, nestled in a valley amongst three volcanoes, only complements the incredible kindness, generosity, and caring of our wonderful community. Antigua welcomes you with open arms and Guatemala invites any visitor to revel in its natural wonders, feats of human character, and joys of the chapin life.

There is a great number of resources about Antigua and Guatemala all over the internet. We have provided some links below to give you a feel for this magical town and country. Enjoy!

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