You’re working hard towards your goal and you’re excited to get a start in your chosen profession, but where to get that start? Ceiba’s internship program offers a relevant, real-world experience in a variety of local Guatemala nonprofit and social-impact organizations. As an intern with Ceiba, your opinions, ideas, and participation directly affect the organization with which you’re working, and ultimately benefit the wonderful surrounding Guatemalan communities. Our partnering organizations are small operations that allow you to gain the professional development, cross-cultural communication skills, cultural sensitivity, and global citizenship so highly valued in today’s marketplace.

With the fantastic support of Ceiba’s Guatemala staff, interns thrive in local flavor while deeply integrating to their surroundings. Don’t worry if your Spanish needs work or if you’ve never lived abroad, we support you every exciting step of the way!

Just a few of Ceiba’s partnerships and potential intern placements…

Unmarked Streets:  Guatemala City:  Dynamic cooperative of women entrepreneurs producing jewelry fro found and recycled objects while learning financial literacy and small business management. Opportunities in economics, creative design/fashion, marketing, and social sciences.

Caoba Farms:  Antigua:  Educational organic farming and sustainable nutrition with plans to expand the far into a community center and resource. Opportunities in health and nutrition, engineering, agriculture, and program development.

Education for the Children:  Antigua:  Holistic elementary and middle school encompassing the whole development process. Opportunities in education development/teaching, psychology, nutrition, and communications.

Mayan Families:  Lake Atitlan:  Established indigenous community center featuring a number of activities for people of all ages. Opportunities in education, medicine/dentistry, human and civil rights, international marketing and program development, and social sciences.

Fundación Namasté Guatemaya:  Antigua:  Innovative micro-lending organization for women entrepreneurs who want to take the next big stop in their small businesses around Guatemala, while also taking courses in financial literacy and receiving business advisory. Opportunities in economics, business management, investing, social sciences, and communications.

Or you can intern with Ceiba! Like our partners, we offer a hands-on, important role in the development of of our high school experiential learning and intern programs. Opportunities in marketing/social media, experiential education, psychology, and international program development.

If you haven’t declared a major or are interested in a whole program approach to your internship experience, Ceiba’s Leader+ program is designed for dynamic, creative individuals looking for a fantastic experience in teamwork and development skills in cooperation with our community service project partners and high school program Education Mentors. Leader+ is an unforgettable immersion in global citizenship, local action, cross-cultural communication skills, and project development. Contact us to learn more about this innovate approach to the intern experience for those who would like to develop an overall professional portfolio.

Ceiba is proud to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective internship opportunity and we work with you to find the perfect placement.

An 8-week internship with your chosen organization starts at $2,750. This includes:

  • Internship placement and ongoing support from Ceiba staff.
  • Orientation in Antigua or your placement site.
  • Airport pick-up and return.
  • Shared housing with other interns in a guesthouse, with kitchen access (double occupancy per room).
  • 3 weekend group excursions with other interns. Examples include beaches on Guatemala’s west coast, Mayan ruins, jungle and volcano treks, and bustling cities and markets.
  • Medical and evacuation insurance.
  • Mobile phone on Ceiba’s plan, with free calls to Ceiba staff and other interns.

We also offer optional services at a low additional cost:

  • Private Spanish language lessons $6 an hour
  • 8 weeks of a homestay with a Guatemalan family, includes 3 meals a day. Add $200 to basic rate.
  • Single occupancy room at a guesthouse, includes daily breakfast (except Sundays) and kitchen access. Add $250 to basic rate.

What if you don’t want to go home?

  • Each additional 4 weeks of internship with the shared, double-occupancy housing is $600.
  • Each additional 4 weeks of internship with local Guatemalan homestay is $700.
  • Each additional 4 weeks of internship with single-occupancy guesthouse accommodation is $750.

Feel free to send along any questions to Intern through Ceiba and get the hands-on experience that will put you leagues beyond your future professional peers!