In the Field: Partner Organizations


BuildinGUATE promotes improved conditions for some of Guatemala’s most underserved across a number of important community initiatives. Organizationally, BuildinGUATE believes in close collaboration with community members and all work together to provide better educational, health, social, and economic situations for struggling families. A very real experience in service to others, BuildinGUATE involves a great depth of interests in education, nutrition, and community sustainability.

Sample Activities:
• Facilitate and participate in a Soup Kitchen, bringing healthy meals and educational activities to families living in severely economically-depressed conditions
• Educate and support young families and their children in a local daycare
• Actively participate with community members in the construction of homes for families that don’t have stable roofs over their heads, highlighting collaboration and sustainability

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El Chucho Feliz

El Chucho Feliz is committed to the welfare of all animals in Antigua, and with a special focus on dogs. Together with Unidos para los Animales, El Chucho Feliz strives to educate the public about such important practices as good animal care, positive reinforcement training methods and bite prevention for kids. as well as a host of other activities involving all kinds of animals. Those with a particular interest in veterinary medicine, animal training, community education, public health, and issues of pet population control is sure to find a dynamic, rewarding experience with El Chucho Feliz.

Sample Activities:
• Assist in a local veterinary practice
• Train and work with dogs and cats at the Unidos para los Animales shelter
• Participate in a dog training class as apprentice trainers
• Organize and promote spay and neuter clinics in local communities
• Design and lead bite prevention/animal welfare programs in local schools

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ECF Nahual


HablaGuate is an organization of community journalists. Believing that access to information is the greatest power of positive change, HablaGuate facilitates forums for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and news important to Guatemalas’ communities. HablaGuate has proposed a project of oral histories in indigenous communities to ensure that important cultures and languages continue to thrive. In addition, teams of citizen journalists will report on topics current in Guatemalan life, society, and culture. With its focus on oral tradition, political science, journalism, and current events, HablaGuate promises a profound experience for anyone devoted to writing, political science, storytelling, and community sustainability.

Sample Activities:
• Participate in citizen journalism activities with a focus on editorial assistance, local story research, fact-checking, media literacy, training, reporting and working with local reporters in Spanish.
• Contribute to the VOZZES project, a citizen journalism training program launched in 2011. VOZZES works with aspiring reporters to learn about the fundamentals of reporting using tools like cameras and cell phones and how to integrate these as field journalists.
• Develop story ideas and your own writing and editing skills while learning about social, cultural, and political intricacies of Central America.

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KIDS Restaurant and TESS Unlimited

The KIDS Restaurant is the only restaurant completely run by kids in the towns around Antigua. This project was developed by TESS Unlimited in order to help an original group of twenty kids learn English, develop work and social skills, and learn to work together as a team. To be involved in this wonderful project is to have an active interest in food and nutrition issues, business management, and education – and anyone who is into cooking will love their time with KIDS Restaurant.

Sample Activities:
• Develop relevant English curriculum and assist the Education Center teachers in delivering these lessons to kids participating in KIDS Restaurant.
• Participate in the Cooking Classes (these are classes in English) and also in the twice-monthly KIDS Restaurant nights.
• Work with fellow students to develop promotional materials for KIDS Restaurant to help spread word around Antigua.
• Based on your experience and interests, assist with various other activities with fellow students, like swimming class, sports, or computer class.

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Niños de Guatemala

Niños de Guatemala believes that the surest way to build a better future for Guatemala and its children is through education. Niños de Guatemala does this by setting up and supporting community development projects, such as the two Niños schools operating in outlying towns, and involving the local community in the process. Those interested in childhood education, literacy and English as a Second Language, community engagement, and social development will find a rewarding experience with Niños de Guatemala.

Sample Activities:
• Participate in curriculum and activity development, tutoring, and mentorship with teaching staff at two Niños schools in communities around Antigua, then assist in delivering instruction to the elementary and middle school students at these schools.
• Based on your experience and interests, assist in the library (run a program reintroducing the importance of reading and literacy development), computer classes (assist the IT teacher with the IT curriculum for the development of computer literacy), and kitchen (learn about nutrition and how the menu is set based on the basic food resources available in many Guatemalan communities).
• Work with Niños office staff to develop and coordinate organizational activities like fundraising and promotion.

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