Program Information


High School Program

  • An innovative mix of community service-learning and online courses, the High School program is designed so that students gain the essential 21st-century skills most valued by universities and employers.
  • In addition to three full days a week of community service, there are two dedicated days to completing online coursework. School credit is earned through the online component and Ceiba enjoys excellent partnerships to facilitate this important learning environment.
  • Guatemala is a fantastic, lively place! There will be trips far and wide through the country, as well as plenty of time to hang out and experience Antigua. Whether one of your project days, in one of Ceiba’s Spanish classes, or spending time with your Guatemalan friends, your Spanish fluency is going to increase at a dramatic rate!
  • There are two High School cycles. The first is from late-August to late-November (home by Thanksgiving) and the second is early-January to early-April. Exact dates will be decided with home school calendars and input.

Gap+ Program

  • Gap+ is designed for 18 to 25 year-olds who are looking for the unique, transformative experience of really being part of a Guatemalan community while building essential communication and teamwork skills to bring back to your university or working lives.
  • Supporting the important community service work are historical and sociological investigations into Guatemala and Central America. From volcano climbs and Mayan Kaqchikel language lessons to visiting ancient pyramids and community-run civil war memorial preservation sites, Gap+ is a mutually-reinforcing experience that provides a unique look into a truly fascinating region of the world.
  • Gap+ runs concurrent with our High School programs and, as a project leader, you will help support and encourage the students as they find their own footing in Antigua. See the Gap+ page for full details.