Sponsorships: Donate


The Present

Ceiba provides a unique experience in social, emotional, and intellectual development for high school students, a real-world opportunity that highlights the communication, teamwork, and creative skills essential in tomorrow’s global leaders. We do so by partnering with Antigua’s strongest community projects, building a great network of education platforms, maintaining a small program size, and a high staff-to-student ratio.  As a non-profit, all of the donations that we collect are tax deductible and are directly applied to our operational costs so that Ceiba continues to develop as a 21st-century educational leader. Ceiba offers a deeply reflective opportunity in sustained community service and global perspective that sets us apart from more traditional study abroad or volunteer programs.

Sponsor a student or school group

Ceiba students are responsible for raising the funds needed for the program they participate in and there are a variety of methods available. You can help a specific student or school group’s fundraising efforts through sponsorship. Let us know the name of the recipient of your sponsorship, whether student or school group, and your donation amount will be added to their fundraising total. You can donate through Paypal, or contact Kamillia (kamillia@ceibaexplore.org) for wire transfer information or to donate by check.

Need-based Sponsorship

You can also donate to Ceiba’s general need-based sponsorship program. Ceiba has partnered with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to provide a thorough and objective application process to determine financial need-based eligibility.  NAIS has been providing financial aid application services for over 40 years and is partnered with over 2,200 independent schools and programs.

 The Future

We anticipate interest in Ceiba’s programs to grow and to quickly outpace the number of spots that we have for participants.  To address the anticipated need we have a growth plan in place that maintains our focus on quality programming, and develops our sponsorship fund. Each of our programs will remain limited to small groups but we will replicate Ceiba in other areas of Guatemala. As we expand, many of our operational expenses remain the same, enabling us to allocate more money to the sponsorship fund with each additional student group.  Over the next five years, Ceiba is building a robust, self-sustaining sponsorship program.  In the meantime we are looking to the generosity of individuals and foundations to help make the Ceiba experience accessible to any high school students who are passionate and driven to participate in our unique program.

In accordance with IRS regulations, anyone donating $250 or more will receive a tax deduction recognition letter by the end of the tax year in which the donation was received. For donations of less than $250, your Paypal receipt serves as proof of your donation. Please contact Kamillia directly to request a tax deduction recognition letter for donations of less than $250.

You can donate now through Paypal  or contact Kamillia to make other arrangements.

Giving Back

The cornerstone of the Ceiba experience are the Guatemalan people and the communities in which our service projects operate; therefore, it is essential that Ceiba gives back to these very communities. We will continue to develop our need based sponsorship fund, which supports both Ceiba students and local Guatemalan students, so that everyone has the chance to reach their full educational potential. Your generosity will be felt throughout Ceiba and we are thrilled that we all share the priority of access to education as a step towards a just and peaceful world. Your donation at any level is instrumental in providing a life-changing educational opportunity for both American and Guatemalan youth and we thank you in advance. Every $5,000 raised for our need based sponsor program provides one partial sponsorship for a Ceiba participant and full year of schooling for a local Guatemalan youth through one of our fantastic project partners, Niños de Guatemala.

Learn more about Niños de Guatemala, the two community schools they support, and their goals here. You can also download a copy of their brochure.